Annus Iubilaei Scholarum Piarum

Ya está disponible el logotipo del Año Jubilar Escolapio

The Piarist Jubilee Year logo is now available

Le logo de l’Année Jubilaire Piariste est déjà disponible



Congreso Internacional de Educación Escolapia
Congresso Internazionale di Educazione Scolopica
International Congress on Piarist Education
Congrès International d’Éducation Piariste





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Ephemerides Calasanctianae es la publicación oficial de la Orden en la que se desarrolla el día a día y la evolución de todas sus realidades.


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Dynamics of Synod

“Don't be afraid to listen to the spirit which suggests you bold options, do not lose time when your conscience will ask you to risk to follow the Master. Also, the Church would like to listen to the voice, the sensitivity, the faith of each one; as well as also the...

To the Plenary of Congregation for Catholic Education

CALASANCTIAN JUBILEE YEAR “I invite you to live this Jubilee Year as a new "Pentecost of the Piarists". May the common house of the Pious Schools be filled with the Holy Spirit, so that the communion necessary to carry forward the mission of the Piarists in the world,...

Birth of ICALDE

Yesterday, February 6, 2017, right in the Calasanctian Jubilee Year, our Order gave birth officially to ICALDE, the Calasanz Institute of Right to Education. We have chosen this day because it is the day on which all the Piarists, all the sons and daughters of...

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February 6-8. America Circumscription

Meeting of Major Superiors of America. The meeting will take place in Veracruz (Mexico) and will be chaired by Fr. Francisco Anaya.

February 6. Calasanctian Jubilee Year, in the whole Pious Schools

Day of renewal of our Ministry of Christian Education, on the Memory of Saint Dorothy Martyr.

February 8. Calasanctian Jubilee Year

Participation of Fr. General at the Plenary of the Congregation for Catholic Education of the Holy See.


February 9-10. Europe Circumscription

Meeting of the team of Ministry of the Circumscription. The meeting will take place in our General House of San Pantaleo (Rome) and will be chaired by Fr. Miguel Giráldez.

February 11-16. General House of Veracruz

Visit of Fr. General and Fr. Francisco Anaya.

February 17-22. USA-PR Province

Visit of Fr. General and Fr. Francisco Anaya.

February 20. USA-PR Province

Solemn profession of Vinod Angadathu. The profession will be held in our St. Helena’s parish in New York and will be received by Fr. General.

February 21-22. Europe Circumscription

Meeting of Treasurers and Technicians of the Circumscription. The meeting will take place in Madrid and will be chaired by the General Treasurer.

February 24. Province of Mexico

Priestly ordination of Martín Hernández Medina. The celebration will take place in the Cathedral of Tehuacan, and will be chaired by Mgr. Rodrigo Aguilar Martinez, Bishop of Tehuacan.

February 25. General House of Mozambique

Ordination to the diaconate of Jean Bernard Dialomao Diatta (West Africa Province). The ordination will take place at the Cathedral of St. Paul of Pemba and will be chaired by the Bishop of the diocese, Monsignor Luis Fernando Lisboa.

February 28 to March 3. Vocational and Formative Culture Secretariat

Meeting of the General team to promote the Pastoral on Vocations. The meeting will take place in our General House of San Pantaleo (Rome) and will be chaired by Fr. Francisco Anaya.



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