Yesterday, February 6, 2017, right in the Calasanctian Jubilee Year, our Order gave birth officially to ICALDE, the Calasanz Institute of Right to Education.

We have chosen this day because it is the day on which all the Piarists, all the sons and daughters of Calasanz, celebrate our Ministry of Christian Education of children, commissioned by the Church to Saint Joseph Calasanz.

Today is a very special day for all us because Calasanz was not only the first to create a popular and free school for all children and young people, preferentially the poor, and he was also the first to found a religious order with a specific charism of education. But, in addition, he was one of the great fighters for the right to education in our Church and in our world. That belongs to the charismatic heart of Calasanz: the ongoing struggle for the right to education of all, especially of those who have lesser opportunities, who have more closed doors. To this he dedicated his life. And we the Piarists want to honor him in this Jubilee Year creating this Institute, ICALDE.

ICALDE is an institution of higher education dedicated especially to the training of professionals in the right to education. We are looking for people, the more the better, to be formed from the keys of our charism, in this so important dimension that it is to collaborate so that our world, our society, go little by little progressing in the development of this fundamental right of children and young people, the right to an integral education which will help them to live and be truly trained persons, capable of changing the world.

That is why we have created ICALDE, which has the support of the Cristobal Colon University of Veracruz in Mexico, with other educative institutions, with the committed support of the Congregation for Catholic Education of the Holy See and, of course, with the enthusiasm of the Order of the Pious Schools.

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