PERALTA DE LA SAL gathered on November 24 many brothers and sisters, religious, lay men and women, young people and children, of our province of Emmaus around Calasanz. And it has done so with the same joy that the mother receives and prepares the best for the expanded family, with children and their noise, with wise and kind grandparents, with those who  prepared  everything so that all should go well, with the hugs, jokes, wisdom and confidence that causes the shared history. From all the presences we approached to the birth House of our beloved founder to give closure to this intense year of moments and activities.

Already on the eve two important teams of the province met: the coordinators of presence team, and the team of coordinators of the Calasanz Movement. They could advance their agendas and work networking, combining efforts and encouraging rhythms.

But the feast began at 10.30 on Saturday, with a work by workshops where the almost 300 brothers and sisters enjoyed many common themes. History came from the hand of Juan Antonio Frias, who explained to us the major riches of the House Museum. By Itaka-Piarists we were invited to remember so many and so many projects in favor of children. The Piarist Christian Community was also a theme of reflection. Other issues were the following: beyond Emmaus, Piarist vocation, Mission, Calasanz, Innovation from the project Sum and Follow, and the Synod, betting more, by, for and with young people. Each one could enjoy only three of these nine meetings so Calasanctian. All helped move us more with the many projects that we do and the great insights that feed us and make us grow in number and on the inside.

The Eucharist led us to Jesus, guilty and responsible for all this hype, and the one of Rome, and the many, many sites full of children, youth and hope. And all of us, looking up to heaven, we felt the blessing of this loving old Saint who continues to take care of us. And by the way, the photo, of courso.

At the sound of Somontan bagpipes, the meal made us more brothers and the faarewell was only a see you later, or until the afternoon or morning wassap. The title that we can put: “The joy of all Emmaus Family “.

We went home with some good and new Calasanctian books, by the hands of various Piarists that give us their thoughts about Calasanz mystic, the holy and social school, the context of thinking around Calasanz, and Calasanctian spirituality. Thanks to Antonio Lezáun, Javier Alonso, Bonaventura Pedemonte Feu, and Jesús Guergué, added to the long list of signatures that invite us to follow him more closely from the immense affection for Calasanz.

We have the good taste of a full year full of blessing and joy, in which we have renewed our vocation. I think that we have lived long THE JOY OF THE WHOLE FAMILY, which consists of:

Being with many brothers and sisters celebrating many things, four hundred years of things.

Reading together the word of God with the eyes of Calasanz, blessing the children, learning to become small.

Singing together the goodness of the Lord with every one of those who have shared with us years of Piarist road.

Remembering how much we do and how much we have to do.

Planning new projects among the simplest, so that one day there will be no more projects and simply we will not be needed.

Cheering for another 400 years in creative fidelity, in convoking community, doing a slave work with a free and liberating soul.

Feeling Christ “when you did it to them”, knowing that I perhaps also was Christ to another, not when I helped but when I was helped.

Calling young people to promise everything, and accompany them to be dragged by their enthusiasm and avoid disappointments or sinecures.

Entering in the movement promoted by others, to give some ride or another, and staying together in order to advance the Kingdom.

It is eating from the brother trust, and drinking of the joy of the children.

That can today be Peralta de la Sal, Rome, your school, or mine. A festival that celebrates the joy of the family. For Calasanz. For us. For them, who on Monday will be there waiting for joy.




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