Ephemerides Calasanctianae

We begin with this number a new epoch in Ephemerides Calasanctianae. Based on our more than 115 year history, we have created a new more modern visual design, with greater relevance of images and the four official languages in parallel. We also open the door to new sections of reflection and new means of social communication, which will allow us to bring us closer to the new times, without ignoring the official purpose of this publication. Our desire is that Ephemerides become the magazine for all who love the Pious Schools and Calasanz. We thank with all our heart the persons who have contributed to the creation and consolidation of our official magazine throughout its history. Welcome!



Piazza de’ Massimi, 4 – 00186 ROMA – Tel. 06 6840741 – Fax 06 68308858 Edited by Office of communication of the Curia of the Piarists Fathers in Rome
DIRECTOR: P. Andrés Valencia Henao
TRANSLATORS: In charge of the team of translators P. José Pascual Burgués
PRINTS: ICCE. Instituto Calasanz de Ciencias de la Educación José Picón, 7. 28028 Madrid
PRINTING: Gramadosa
ISSN 1720-8637

Ephemerides Calasanctianae num. I IAN 2017

Salutatio Patris Generalis Pedro Aguado Jubileo Calasancio. Giubileo Calasanziano. Calasanctian Jubilee. Jubilé Calasanctien SECTIO OFFICIALIS Nominationes. Ordinationes sacerdotales. Diplomata confraternitatis Decreto de Constitución de la Provincia de...
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Ephemerides Calasanctianae num. IX DIC 2016

Salutatio Patris Generalis Pedro Aguado Nuestro camino. Il nostro cammino. Our way. Notre chemin EX ECCLESIA Carta del Santo Padre Francisco en la fiesta de los Santos Inocentes. Vaticano, 28 de diciembre de 2016 / Lettera del Santo Padre Francesco nella festa dei...
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Ephemerides Calasanctianae num. VIII NOV 2016

Salutatio Patris Generalis Pedro Aguado Hacer posible las Escuelas Pías Rendere possibile le Scuole Pie Make possible the Pious Schools Rendre possible les Écoles Pies SECTIO OFFICIALIS Ordinationes sacerdotales Icalde. Carta del Cardenal Versaldi ANNUS IUBILEI...
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Ephemerides Calasanctianae num. VII OCT 2016

Salutatio Patris Generalis Pedro Aguado Tesonera paciencia Costante pazienza Daring and ever-enduring patience Heureuse et persévérante initiative SECTIO OFFICIALIS Notificationes A los Superiores Mayores de la Orden Ai Superiori Maggiori dell’Ordine To the Major...
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Ephemerides Calasanctianae num. VI SEPT 2016

Salutatio Patris Generalis Pedro Aguado En salida. El Reino de Dios está entre vosotros In uscita. Il Regno di Dio è tra di voi Going forth. The Kingdom of God is among you En sortie. Le Royaume de Dieu est parmi vous SECTIO OFFICIALIS Professiones solemnes...
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Ephemerides Calasanctianae num. V IUL-AUG 2016

ÍNDEX Salutatio Patris Generalis Pedro Aguado Un tesoro en vasijas de barro Un tesoro in vasi di creta A treasure in earthen vessels Un trésor dans des vases d’argile SECTIO OFFICIALIS Domus erectae, derelictae, clausae… Nominationes Notificationes Pedro Aguado,...
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