The Team of Ministry of Europe, formed by: Fr. Enrique Rodríguez Vara (in his place assists Mr. Ramón Lis) from Betania; Mr. Alberto Cantero from Emmaus. Mr. Toni Burgalla from Catalonia; Fr. Stanislav Bujdák Sch. P., Slovakia. Mr. László Lázár, from Hungary; Fr. Sławek Dziadkiewicz, from Poland; Fr. Mario Saviola from Italy and Fr. Miguel Giráldez of the General Congregation, met in Rome, at the Generalate, on March 15 and 16.

It is the second meeting of this Team. The novelties, since the last meeting in the different Provinces, the revision of the agreements assumed previously and the connection with the General Secretariat of Ministry were discussed. The website of Coedupia and the participation in the NETWORK that it proposes were also analyzed.

The work has been interesting and with that it is intended that some ministerial issues be developed jointly by all the Provinces of the Circumscription.