Dear Brothers. Today, our junior brothers, Pedro Rivas and Manuel Sanchez, have travelled from San Juan to Ponce, and have met all the Piarists there. They reported through a brief phone conversation and a few written messages, that all the Piarists in Colegio Ponceño, Playa de Ponce and our Formation House, are doing alright, though emotionally affected.

They have also reported that the church and the elementary school at Playa de Ponce are terribly devastated. Our formation house has been affected, but not seriously. Colegio Ponceño has been deeply affected in some areas, as we have seen in a video somebody sent us.

Gradually, we come to know more about the family situation of our Puerto Rican Piarist brothers, though not all yet. Thank God, the news is consoling. We continue praying for all.

That’s what I can share. Now, it is the time to evaluate the damages, to consider our potentials, and to design a plan that may embrace our Piarist mission, especially focusing on children, and the poor.

We will give guidelines on how to organize our strengths, so that with our benefactors, and people of good will who have shown interest, we may help to build a future of hope.

It is the time to renew our passion for Christ, serving Him in the little ones, as St. Joseph Calasanz did, when he met with natural catastrophes, persecutions, administrative hindrances, etc. As our Constitutions remind us: “When we perseveringly endure discomfort in our daily life, with constant courage in the schools and among the children, we complete in our own flesh, for the sake of the Church, what is lacking in Christ’s passion.” (C20)

Mary, Mother of the homeless and the destitute, Pray for us!

Fernando Negro, Sch.P.


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