The Piarist Sisters of Poland on 22 September 2020 celebrated in Krakow the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Piarist Sisters in their country. The festival, scheduled for September 26, due to the pandemic had to adapt to a private celebration only among Piarist Sisters The only exception was the presence of Fr. Provincial Mateusz Pindelski Sch. P., who celebrated the Eucharist in the chapel of the house of the General Delegation of the Piarist Sisters of Poland.

Each anniversary is an occasion to remember with gratitude the first moments and the people who participated in this event. The Piarist Sisters reminded those who accompanied and supported them, especially the Piarist Fathers: Fr. Gerard Brumirski, Assistant General, Fr. Stefan Denkiewicz and Fr. Jan Taff, Provincial of Poland.

After the 1989 change in Poland, Fr. Brumirski invited the Piarist Sisters to create a new foundation in Poland. Fr. Stefan Denkiewicz undertook the mission of presenting the details of the foundation to the General Chapter of the Piarist Sisters. At the same time, in Poland, Fr. Provincial Jan Taff was already in contact with the first two candidates for the Congregation of the Piarist Sisters. The new vocations convinced Mother General, Teresa Sesma, who made the decision to create a new community in Krakow.

The first steps of the candidates for religious life were given under the direction of the Piarist Fathers. When on September 22, 1990, the first three Piarist Sisters came to Poland, M. Maria de la Iglesia, M. Julia Ruiz and M. Carmen Muruzábal, the formative community already had four women – Małgorzata Słomiana, Maria Pietrzak, Urszula Kwaśniewska and Marta Wojda. With three sisters and four aspirants, the first community was formed in Poland.

After 30 years, the Piarist Sisters have three communities in Poland with 17 sisters, have three schools with almost a thousand students and continue to carry out the mission of Saint Paula Montal among young people and children from Poland.

M. Katarzyna Śledź Sch. P.