Explanation of the motto

The Motto of the 48th General Chapter (“Under the Guide of the Holy Spirit”) includes a quote from the Constitutions and underpins the graphic of the logo where the expressive and evangelizing force of the flame and the dove take center stage again, reflecting the dynamism of some Schools Pías en Salida, at the base of which the official anagram of the Order stands out, representing the legacy of the life of an institution with more than 400 years of history.

Likewise, the design of the isotype makes a nod to the demarcation that welcomes the Chapter Fathers, since the lower space imitates the geography of Mexico, the host country. The red color of the brand reinforces the idea of ​​“life” and revitalization of the Order.

The composition of the set is offset by the rest of the typographic elements, either in their simple or more complete version, with the slogans included. Also in its abbreviated version, the hashtag that will begin to be used in all official documents from this year will be used: # 48CG. The result is a modern brand, simple, clear and easy to implement on any material, medium or surface.


If you need the logo in any other format, you can request it from

If you need the logo in any other format, you can request it from



The series of images of the #48CG aims to reflect the essence of the Piarist being through a minimalist and modern aesthetic.

The little one (the young man, the person…) in the center, on which the Piarist being gravitates, is the protagonist of the image of the #48CG. The child of any culture, of any society. So, raw, on a tenuous background. The whole child, full body at times. The fund, encapsulated in an organic way, shows the context of the small, because that is where the Piarist also works and, in the end, it is the ultimate objective: to transform the structures and synergies that facilitate or enhance the contexts of marginalization and inequality in which the little ones are the most defenseless. Education, we Piarists know, is in this sense one of the most powerful weapons.

The different posters present different areas where Piarists and young people develop and, although there are explicitly educational contexts, other extracurricular environments are also reflected (camps, etc …) in reference to that “full-time” school, beyond school hours.


Keys of #48CG


Prayer for the #48CG