With great love, we celebrate the 75 years of our beloved College, remembering and making present so many people who over those years cemented and strengthened this beautiful educational and Calasanctian project.

To start the feast, a Eucharist of Thanksgiving was held, which was decorated with the presence of the Father General of the Pious Schools, Fr. Pedro Aguado, who presided over this Eucharist, in the company of Fr. Marco Antonio Véliz, Provincial of the Pious Schools of Mexico and Fr. Francisco Anaya, Assistant General of the Pious Schools of America, and the Piarists parents in Veracruz. With these feelings of joy and gratitude, this celebration was held.

Father General gave us 4 words, which coincidentally begin (in Spanish) with the letter -C-: Christ, Trust (confianza), Walk (caminar) and Calasanz, reflecting on them:

Calasanz would say with great affection to all, – trust yourself, your desires, your dreams, your educators, your parents, your life, God. We cannot live without trust, trust in the good you have, trust in the College so that you can grow, live with joy and live with confidence. I will tell you the secret of Calasanz and because Calasanz gave his life for children and young people, I will tell them a phrase: He who receives one of these children (or of these young people) in my name, receives me. Jesus said this phrase, and this is the secret of St. Joseph Calasanz; when Calasanz saw a child, not only did he see you or you, he saw Jesus Christ, so he gave his life for you. Believe in Christ, trust him, walk and discover his talents and never forget that Calasanz was here at all times.”

He ended by addressing all those who make the school possible: “From the place that you do it, in the direction, in the classroom, in the cleaning, in the maintenance, in the administration, thank you, thank you, because the school is also the fruit of you, of all those who believe in this project”.

The 75 years of the school have been built with the presence of many people, but we are the ones who are lucky enough to celebrate it. We thank those who were before us, and God.

We thank every family who in these 75 years have sought in Columbus help and happiness for their children, good human relationship and the values of the Gospel, thank you therefore to every teacher who, in addition to earning a living in our school, offered that same life to education and built part of the history of these 75 years. Thanks to the Piarists that passed through this school of ours, from Fathers Antonio Torrente, Jorge Puig and Manuel Arcusa, to the less remembered and to the current Fatherss Rudy, Eloí, Alberto and Chuy.

“Today we want to focus on the young people who are the center of our love and congratulate us all on this holiday, today is a day to enjoy and celebrate. Thanks to all the students, they are part of the 75 years, thank you for being Colón, love and take care of your school always – Fr. Rudy.

In this way, we started a day full of emotions, from maternal to high school.

Thank you #FamiliaColón for being part of it and together to continue to build the story!


Kjalil Beiruti García