As each November 27, we celebrate once more Saint Joseph Calasanz as patron of all Christian popular schools in the world. We remind him as the man, the priest, the educator, the religious, the saint who knew how to look at children as God looks at them, and who begat, for them, the first school dedicated to integral education, from the Gospel, for those who needed it most.

Four centuries later, we are still enjoying his vision on education, which is still provoking and driving us: a ministry that Calasanz defined as “irreplaceable” and that he enriched with his emphatic and memorable words: ”very suitable, very noble, very commendable, very beneficial, very useful, very necessary, very rooted in our nature, very in accordance with reason, very welcomed, very nice and very glorious“.

Calasanz lived education from some formidable keys, which are today still needed: with passion, in vocational response to God’s call, with the conviction that with the Pious School he was working in the plan of God for the world, with a clear vision of caring for the child and the young from their reality, and with a permanent effort to a quality education, offering comprehensive education as the only way to “the good life of the future man and the reform of society“.

That’s why, for that formidable vision, he dedicated his entire life to consolidate the Pious Schools. Why was able to call many others to collaborate with his dream. For this reason, their pious schools, driven by so many religious, Fraternities, educators, employees, families, young people, and so many people that have discovered Calasanz as a proposal of life for them, go ahead in so many places and so many projects. That’s why you are here, giving the best of yourself for a dream that you feel like yours.

Because of that, and in a way increasingly creative, his Pious Schools continue to overcome borders: new countries, new educational platforms (formal education, non-formal education, Piarists parishes…), new projects that will help us to respond to the new challenges, new and rich diversity Piarist vocation, new institutions from which we share the Calasanctian mission, etc.

So, once more, we invite you to live your identity, your vocation, your Piarist mission, from the same convictions from which Calasanz configured the Pious Schools: with trust in God, lucky daring and unique patience.

Happy celebration of Calasanz Day, children’s Saint, the patron of educators, the founder of the Pious Schools!

The General Congregation of the Order of the Pious Schools

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