On September 27 at 6:00 p.m., the Chapel of the Nazareno College hosted the presentation of the book “Il Palazzo del Nazareno: storie nascoste” written by Mrs. Rossana Cosci.  This activity was attended by Fr. General of the Order of the Pious Schools, Fr. Pedro Aguado; the Provincial of Italy, Fr. Sergio Sereni; the President of the Collegio Nazareno Foundation, Fr. Ugo Barani; and dozens of people who accompanied her.

The meeting with the author and her book was directedby Fr. Alberto Magrone, Assistant Provincial of Italy. Rossana Cosci is the secretary of the Collegio Nazareno Foundation and a teacher of Italian at the Italian school for foreigners at the Colegio Nazareno.

This book cannot be understood without taking into account the non-formal School of the Italian Language for Foreigners that exists in the Nazareno College. Ms. Cosci began to collaborate with the Piarist Fathers as professor of Italian for foreigners and as secretary of the Collegio Nazareno Foundation  in 2017. This school is free and is supported by the Foundation. The success of the past three years is due to Ms. Cosci who has taken on this assignment as a creative opportunity to exercise Piarist ministry. During the time of the administrative and pedagogical work, the author of this book came to a great sense of amazement and wonder about the structure that houses the non-formal school and the Foundation. This constituted the beginning of an investigation that led to the creation of the book: “Il Palazzo del Nazareno: storie nascoste” (The Palace of the Nazareno: hidden stories).

This building is full of history for the Order of the Pious Schools. The author of the book illuminates the historical meaning of this place that did not begin with Cardinal Tonti (called the Nazareno Cardinal, hence the name of the building) but practically with the end of the Republican era of Ancient Rome when the structure did not yet exist, but its urban use (44 – 31 BC). This information leads to the amazement and wonder of the contemplation of history, attitudes that permeate every page of this book.

Fr. Alberto Magrone describes the origin of the book in the terms of amazement, wonder and beauty: “What always brings the beauty contemplated is the amazement that contains in itself the beautiful and the noble sense of gratitude, because when our eyes contemplate the beautiful, the contemplation of beauty itself moves us in the first place to gratitude, but secondly to the desire to share beauty with those we love. And if I contemplate beauty why not transmit it and this is what emerges from a first reading of this text that is fascinating because the cover, one of the great doors of the Collegio Nazareno, is an invitation to a trip surrounded by beauty. Open yourself and immediately after a door in front of you, Rossana invites you to cross this threshold and deepen the path of discovery of beauty. Therefore, it is already interesting how this text challenges us, takes us by the hand and invites us. to read, discover and contemplate together with the author, bringing us closer to what her heart experienced, the amazement, the wonder and the beauty.”

After this explanation, Fr. Alberto summarized each chapter of the book with a very personaland positive assessment. If you want to listen to the whole conference Iinvite you to visit the YouTube channel channel of the Collegio Nazareno.

We had the opportunity to listen to Rossana Cosci when she was interviewed by Fr. Alberto Magrone. Faithful to the total dependency with the school of Italian, Rossana Cosci took the opportunity to present another book made by her and published that same day: “#Italia_a_parole”.  This book is a linguistic instrument for learning Italian and at the same time is an aid to integrate into the Italian social structure. The material presented in this book is integrated and complemented with the Tik Tok platform  that bears the same name. Rossana Cosci’s daughter, Noemi Sofia Mento, is in charge of maintaining #Italia_a_parole on Tik Tok. At the time of the presentation of this book this Tik Tok channel had 112.5K followers.

The presentation activity culminated with a message from Fr. General, Fr. Pedro Aguado thanking Rossana Cosci for the work done and inviting all those involved in the Nazareno College to never abandon a struggle. There is no community, province or school where you can say, “We have already done everything that can be done.” This is not Calasantian; we must continue with Calasantian creativity and give new answers to all the challenges that our young people have in this city and in this country.

May the gift of the blessing of this book and of the work in the non-formal school correspond to the generous commitment of all those involved in the ministry at the Nazareno College. And may it always serve for the glory of God and the usefulness of our neighbors.

Fr. Fernando Torres Lanause, Sch. P.