The General Congregation has made the decision to create a new department in the General Curia, called “Identity and Calasanctian Charism“. The creation of this new area aims to coordinate and promote in the most appropriate way how much has already been done in everything related to the development of our identity and our charism either through publications, research, or training actions. “We believe that the time has come to take a decisive step in this very important area of the Pious Schools,” the Congregation said.

The objective of this new department within the General Curia “is to develop from the ninth Key of Life of the 47th General Chapter, a specific area of work responsible for systematizing, strengthening, and expanding the knowledge of identity and Calasanctian charism”.

For this reason, the new area is aimed at all the Pious Schools and the Calasanctian Family and is articulated from three specific areas. On the one hand everything related to the study, promoting and coordinating training actions aimed at religious and lay people related to identity, charism and Calasanctian research at different levels.

The second area is that of spirituality, offering a specific proposal of formation and knowledge of the spiritual heritage of the Pious Schools. “We are convinced of Calasanz’ attractiveness as an inspiration, guide and companion of the spiritual journey of our religious, laity, young people and collaborators,” sources of the Congregation explain.

The third pillar of the new area is that of holiness. In coordination with the General Postulation of the Order, from the department of Identity and Calasanctian Charism will try to develop and promote knowledge of the rich spiritual and liturgical heritage of the Order in order to a comprehensive proposal of “culture of holiness” specifically Piarist.

Fr. Angel Ayala Guijarro, of the Bethany Province, will be responsible for this new department, from the house of San Pantaleo.