Calasanz said that disease is a visit from God. But it is hard to accept this when someone who suffers from the disease is a little girl who barely has three years of life.

The disease of Paloma, a girl aspiring to be student of the Pious Schools in Río Cuarto in Argentina, who have a high-risk neuroblastoma and little encouraging prognosis if she does not receive the necessary treatment, has caused great concern.

His family, two of its members are students and the mother an alumna, could generate a remarkable solidarity movement throughout the city, allowing them to deal with the cost of treatment, and the family moved to Barcelona.

Some details that had the Lord, who does not abandon his children: in front of the place where they stayed, a square dedicated to Calasanz, and just around the corner, the parish of Saint Joseph Calasanz and, a few days after their arrival, they got the visit at home of the head of Social Action of the  Catalonia Pious Schools, to provide assistance to these members of the Piarist family. And not only that, but also the detail of being received by Fr. Provincial of Catalonia and by the Director of the Pious Schools, offering aid and schooling for the children of this family.

The mother of Paloma says it better than us in a message: “now I’ve seen what how real may be the phrase Calasanz unites us”.

It is a new and wonderful trait no doubt the “interdemarcationality” that we talk about in the Order. We thank the Piarist Fathers of Catalonia for this gesture which shows us the whole truth, commitment and comfort that brings to practice of the famous phrase: “Calasanz unites us”.

F. Luis Maltauro Sch.P.