The 48th General Chapter (Mexico 2022) approved the celebration of a new liturgical feast in the proper calendar of the Order, with the denomination “All the Saints of the Pious Schools”. In this way, it proposes to commemorate those who, in these more than four centuries of history, have lived the Calasanctian charism in a singular way and are proposed as models of life and mission to the whole of the Pious Schools.

To the holiness recognized by the Church of St. Joseph Calasanz, St. Pompilio Maria and St. Faustino Miguez, we can add Blessed Pietro Casani, Blessed Dionisio Pamplona and companions martyrs. In addition, St. Paula Montal, Celestina Donati, Anton Maria Schwartz, Maria Baldillou and companions, Victoria Valverde and Joan Roig complete the list of saints and blessed of the Calasanctian Family. Along with them, many other “saints from next door” have illuminated with their life and testimony the dedication to the educational task in Piety and Letters.

Remembering all the saints of the Pious Schools stimulates the daily, silent, and anonymous dedication of so many educators, religious and lay people, at the service of the promotion and formation of children and young people. Every November 18, date of the concession, in the year 1621, of the solemn vows to the Order, we celebrate the gift of holiness with which God has strengthened the fruitful Calasanctian tree.