Piarist health care is a Piarist volunteer group, which was born almost 3 years ago in Yaoundé. This group of young doctors and volunteers, led by a young pharmacist, Dr. Daniel NGASSOP, approached Father Provincial Evaristus AKEM to propose a way to share the Piarist charism, through health education and the sharing of medical care and medicines to the poor in general, but especially to the students of the Pious Schools. For example, Fr. Evaristus AKEM, Provincial Superior for Central Africa, welcomed and supervised this project, while allowing him experience in the respective communities of BAMENDJOU in 2018, BAFIA in 2019 and BANDJOUN in 2020.

After a year of fear and amazement in the world, linked to the pandemic covid-19, Piarist volunteering in Cameroon, as elsewhere in the world, has gone through a rough period with cessation of activities. With the gradual and timid return of activities in the world, the volunteers followed suit, and decided with the activities of the group “Piarist health care“, to give life to this new challenge: “Start again”. For 3 days (Thursday, October 15 to Saturday, October 17), we brought a smile to the people of BANDJOUN and its surroundings; but especially to students of St. Joseph CALASANZ Polyvalent College in BANDJOUN.  It has been three years since this group of volunteers with multiple charismas (doctors, medical specialists, accountants, teachers, lawyers, religious…) joined by a fraternal communion to give a smile through educational talks, health care and the distribution of essential medicines. Even the pandemic in Covid-19 did not taint the service in the good mood of these volunteers, during this 2020 campaign under the theme “back to school without diseases“.  See you for a new medical campaign in 2021.

In all things, love and serve

Emilie Célestine NDEME NLEME