As planned, the visit of the Order’s Father General, Father Pedro Aguado Cuesta, and the Assistant General for America, Francisco Anaya Walker, began on Monday May 27.

Among the activities he carried out on his first day, he visited and greeted the staff that carried out their functions in the offices of the Delegation of the Pious Schools of Chile, located in Santiago Downtown on Lira Street.

Then, in this place, the meeting of the Congregation was held, with the presence of the General Delegate of Chile, Father Miguel del Cerro and his assistants FF.  Janusz Furtak and Fernando Luque.

After this meeting, its members went to the Hispano Americano School, where the blessing and inauguration of the new sports facilities took place. Upon their arrival, they were greeted by the Director of the Hispano Americano School, Mr. Patricio Román. The event was attended by teachers, all students and representatives of the Parents Center.

In mid-afternoon, Father General and the General Assistant for America met the members of the Secretariat of Education, in which the General Delegate, the directors of the schools of Santiago, San Antonio and Curarrehue, the Secretary of Education, The Legal Representative of the Calasanz School, the Coordinator of Quality of the Delegation and the Head of Communication participate. The meeting reflected on the issues facing the various works and are part of the challenges of schools today in Chile.

At the end of the afternoon in the offices of the Calasanz School, Fr. Pedro Aguado, shared with the members of the Historical Fraternity, a group that is accompanied by Fr. Javier Yerro. It should be noted that the Fraternity this year will be 30 years old since its conformation, on October 13. In the conversation, Fr. General encouraged all members to continue this dynamic and applauded his fidelity to the Piarist work.



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