The bachelor’s degree in Surgeon Physician from Cristóbal Colón University, in Veracruz, Mexico, committed to quality processes and accountability before society, underwent this semester the evaluation processes for Reaffirmation of its Accreditation of 2015 that marks the Mexican Council for the Accreditation of Medical Education, COMAEM, a global body, endorsed by the Council for the Accreditation of Higher Education , CUPS; the Ibero-American Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, RIACES; World Federation of Medical Education, WFME, and The National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation, NCFMEA.

The Mexican Council for the Accreditation of Medical Education, COMAEM, awarded on December 1 of this year the International Accreditation to the Medical Surgeon program of Cristóbal Colón University, Calasanz Campus.

It is a pride for the UCC to achieve this great achievement with the benefits it brings to our Institution and to society. The International Accreditation achieved reflects the professionalism of all those who are part of that institution, faithful to the ideals of it and committed to its motto: “Educate to serve”.

We thank the entire university community, which is the heart of our bachelor’s degree in Medical Surgeon, for its exemplary effort and loyal daily dedication, reaffirming the commitment to continuous institutional evaluation and educational excellence.

Dr. Maria de los Angeles Acevedo Marrero

Director of the Division of Health Sciences