Closing session of the Provincial Chapter:

The minutes were read to continue with the message of Father Provincial. Then Father General and President of the Chapter gave his message indicating that Calasanz made the Order and built it day by day. That is the Piarist, it is not enough to work in depth in the school, it is necessary a Calasanctian mentality: to build the Pious Schools, that even is part of his spirituality. The Catalans who came to Mexico did so because they had the mentality of Calasanz.

Finally, he reminded that there are 3 things that the Province and the Piarists need 1. Keys of Life, 2. Calasanctian Mentality and Spirituality and 3. Mentality of Order. We need to build the Pious Schools in Mexico being more Calasanctian and more missionary.

The religious in initial formation were invited to go and transmit to their brothers in formation what had been lived here: the Apostolic zeal that has been breathed and with which we all return to our places of work. Finally, he addressed a message to the Fraternity, telling them that this is a sign, to work together religious and lay people, recalling that there are things in which only the religious can work, and others where lay and religious work together.

The Chapter ends according to our ritual asking the Chapter and following the tradition we sing the Salve in Latin to Our Lady. With this last sentence ended the VIII Provincial Chapter of the Pious Schools of Mexico, under the slogan: “Let’s go to the other shore” Mk 4, 35.

Bro. Roberto Emmanuel Victoria Díaz, Sch. P.


“The word gives us the strong call to focus life on Jesus. Now our lay brothers participate in the charism through the mediation of children and young people. But the call is for all… The Word teaches us that in this path of Resurrection Jesus appears as an imperceptible stranger in our lives. That’s why we need to listen. The apostles listen, they are docile, and they get abundant fishing. That is the root of obeying, and so they do the will of the Lord.

Jesus is known through the experience of love, others did not recognize him quickly but something they felt, and saw that He was the Lord… When we accept the encounter and we allow to be meet ourselves, the experience of friendship and love with God certainly arises.

I invite you in this walk of the quadrennium to bring Jesus to the heart, the Lord is the living cornerstone and it is the clear experience of his presence in the midst of my smallness and weakness that accompanies me and I can do His will» (Homily of Fr. Provincial Marco Antonio).

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