On March 10, Father General convened the capitular processes in the Pious Schools, local and demarcational and was marked as chapter time between June 1, 2022, and May 31, 2023. In this time that now begins with the celebration of the first Chapters, the reality of each Province will be analyzed, the people who will guide the path of the demarcation will be chosen, and work will be done to achieve a planning that serves as a route in that journey. All this taking into account the keys of life approved in the past 48th General Chapter and which are the following:

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit

Core 1: The centrality of Jesus Christ. Walking with Christ. From the center of our vocation.

Deepen our Piarist spirituality and the processes of growth of a consecrated life centered on Christ for an integral, balanced, mystical and prophetic experience of our vocation.

1st Key to life: Piarist spirituality. Deepening the experience of our own spirituality, taking care of those most significant mediations.

2nd Key to Life: Community Life. To renew our community life and to take special care of the central aspects highlighted by our Constitutions.

Core 2: The construction of the Pious Schools in the mentality of Order

3rd Key to life: Interculturality and inculturation. To advance decisively in the dynamics of an going forth, intercultural and missionary Pious Schools.

4th Key to life: Synodality. To live synodality as a path of renewal of our Culture of Order.

5th Key to life: Integral sustainability. To advance significantly in the objective of achieving the integral sustainability of the Pious Schools.

6th Key to life: Participation. Continue advancing in all the modalities that are part of the process of participation in the Pious Schools.

Core 3: The Piarist religious we need.

7th Key to life: Vocation Ministry. Promote in a systemic way all aspects that are part of a consistent vocation ministry.

8th Key to life: Initial Formation. Promote those options and experiences that today are most urgent and necessary for the proper development of our Initial Training processes.

9th Key to life: Ongoing Formation. Carry out a Permanent Formation understood as an integral process of vocational growth, from an adequate accompaniment of people and communities.

Core 4: An irreplaceable ministry.

10th Key to Life: The synodal journey with young people and the Calasanz Movement. Understand and promote the Calasanz Movement and the path shared with young people as an authentic key to life of the Pious Schools.

11th Key to life: Identity of the Piarist ministry in the various platforms. Significantly develop the Calasanctian Identity of all our Mission platforms, from the key to Educate, Announce, Transform.

We now place our Chapters in the hands of the Lord, so that we may celebrate them open to the inspirations of the Spirit, faithful to Calasanz and always looking to our Mission.