The Church and the Order of the Pious Schools are filled with joy for the diaconal ordination of our brother, José Guadalupe García Jasso, Sch.P. It took place in the Cristo Rey Chapel, near our Formation House in Celaya, Mexico. The bishop who ordained him was our Piarist brother, bishop emeritus of the diocese of Ponce, PR, Msgr. Félix Lazaro, Sch.P.

It was a simple, loveable and cheerful ceremony, in which members of the family of José Guadalupe, acquaintances of his hometown, were present, together with lay faithful of the chapel, and Piarists of the Provinces of Mexico, and of the USA-PR , as the new deacon is belongs the former, although due to immigration difficulties, he underwent almost all of his Initial Formation in Mexico.

The Provincial of Mexico, Fr. Marco Antonio Veliz, Sch.P., and that of the USA-PR, Fr. Fernando Negro, Sch.P., and other Piarists of both demarcations were present, since there are juniors from USA- PR that also do their Initial Formation in Mexico. There was also Fr. Federico Ávila, Sch.P., Mexican, of the Piarist community in the Formation House in Ponce, PR.

We congratulate the new deacon José Guadalupe, Sch.P., wishing him many blessings for his life and his ministry in the Piarist mission of Campeche, in southern Mexico, waiting for his return to the USA-PR, where most of his family live, including his parents, Yolanda and Juan, whom we sincerely congratulate.

Beautiful opportunity to continue asking the Owner of the Farm, to send new workers in the field of the Pious Schools, so that the bread of Culture and of the Gospel be distributed to all the children of the world. Congratulations, Brother José Guadalupe!

F. Fernando Negro, Sch. P.