The day after taking their solemn vows, Brothers Abner Gonzalez Sch. P., and Christian Santiago Sch. P., were ordained deacons, on May 14, 2022, at the Church of the Annunciation, Manhattan, NY, by our Piarist brother, Monsignor Félix Lázaro Sch. P., Bishop emeritus of the Diocese of Ponce, PR.

The attendance at the Eucharist was massive, because, as on the previous day, the faithful of both presences of the Bronx and Manhattan, turned to the preparations, the liturgical celebration and the agape that followed both this day, as the previous one in the Bronx.

A beautiful note of this diaconal ordination was the “catholicity” of it, as Spanish, English, French and East African languages resounded in unison. In fact, an African choir was in charge of the music.

In his homily, Bishop Felix Lazaro Sch. P., exhorted Abner and Christian to make their diaconal ordination a permanent service to the People of God, with the Piarist seal that characterizes our religious consecration.

Dear Abner and Christian, once again, congratulations! May your diaconal ordination be a firm step towards the ministerial priesthood that is already approaching. I think of the “catholicity” of your celebration on May 14, as the image of what we really are at the heart of the Church: love that is distributed without regard to race, culture, nationality or any other distinguishing mark of those whom the Lord places on the path of our lives.

May Mary, the deaconess-servant of the Lord, help you to follow in the footsteps of her son, the Good Shepherd who gives his life for his sheep. And may our Holy Father, St. Joseph Calasanz, nod in your hearts the message he addresses to us when he writes: “Religious who wish to serve God, adapt themselves to any country. And then, God takes particular care of them”. (July 17, 1634).

 Fr. Fernando Negro Marco Sch. P.