During the months of April, May and June in Emmaus Province, we have begun the process of evaluation and strategic reflection with the principals and directors of our 18 schools, which will lead to the Provincial Chapter and the Provincial Council of Presence of next school year. This process has been based on two weeks of meeting and pedagogical visit to our presences in Andalusia, where the development of the strategic quadrennial plan that ends was evaluated qualitatively, and the base document “Emmaus Piarists, Add and Go” was presented. The reflection has been maintained virtually through the tool Teams of Microsoft and has materialized in the definitive document that was presented at the meeting of directors, principals and coordinators of pastoral held on June 8 and 9. We emphasize the nuclear elements of the reflection.

ADD AND GO is the motto that a few years ago we adopted to refer to some of the efforts we make in our schools to realize in small steps these great innovative dreams that inhabit us. We want ADD AND GO to help us communicate the intuition that guides us, that it is necessary that our long tradition of education is added to the unstoppable innovative current that runs through our centers. In short, that all the people who are involved in this exciting mission, will add our efforts to continue serving, to continue to be useful to the children and young people who are in our classrooms.

The four strategic lines that are proposed summarize the emphasis that our schools are already making, but in which, without doubt, it is necessary to persevere.

  • ADD AND GO being sustainable and full-time schools.

The sustainability of our schools faced with the threats of the ageing of our population, of political tendencies determined to confront the essential public education with the rest of educational networks, with the offensive of the market to occupy the space and the school time, requires redoubling our effort to optimize the resources we have, while we strive to communicate our achievements with such humility and conviction.

  • ADD AND GOdeveloping an innovative and quality proposal.

Innovation with Piarist identity and intentionality, starts with an analysis of reality from and to the smallest, is based on the contributions of science, and has as a goal the development by our students and pupils of the competencies that we propose in our profile, as well as our aims to transform reality, aspiring to unleash profound, personal and social changes. For this objective to be attainable, the innovation we develop is collegiate, non-individualistic, systematic and sustainable, not anecdotal, and integrated into the pedagogical processes of our centers. As a concrete element that exemplifies what we intend to promote, the proposal of Learning and Serviceunites the most innovative educational methodologies with the essence of our educational purpose, the transformation of reality through social, ecclesial and citizen commitment.

  • ADD AND GO beyond the course of religion, being schools in pastoral key

We are also convinced that the religion course is an essential part of the educational proposal that we make in our centers by virtue of their Vision, their Peculiar Character and educational purposes. But beyond the religion course, we think that it is necessary to frame this one, as well as the other areas of the pastoral, in the idea of school in pastoral key, that includes the option to be schools centered on the people where the children, young people and adults can be happy, educational and Christian communities of learning and personal, professional and vocational growth where everyone can find their place and their vocation…

  • ADD AND GO with a Piarist proposal for all and all and forever.

In this sense, we believe that offering stable platforms where to live effectively the model of person we propose, we make truly credible and possible our educational and pastoral project.

Through our proposal of pastoral accompaniment through the Calasanz Movement, we complete our educational and evangelizing mission from the non-formal level. We develop a group and personal, vocational and ecclesial process, which is a reference for our young people, beyond even the school stage, to the adult Christian life.

On the other hand, the people linked through the Shared Mission, the Fraternity, Itaka-Piarists, find a place to transcend and give a broader sense to their relationship with the Pious Schools, and, above all, to their daily task, so that they can join to a broader project and link to those who in so many different places and moments have traveled the same vocational path.

Thus, the conformation in all our presences of Christian Piarists communities that are, at the same time, the achievement of the pastoral processes and subject of the Piarist Mission, is the way that we have to make a place to the Spirit, to provoke the vocations, the personal charisms and the ministries that the Pious Schools, the Church and the World need.

To do this, we discover the call to transform, first of all, the physical, social and ecclesial Space that has been entrusted to us, in the place where people inhabit, grow, develop all our capacities, relate to each other, make room for the Spirit, build a community and social and ecclesial fabric. That is to say, to transform the Space in a Place where it is possible that the time, conceived as simple measure of the change in the Space, becomes History of Salvation, an Event of the Presence of God, and a Prophecy of justice, of Peace, of Fraternity and, in short, Eternal life. This conversion of our Space into Place and of our Time in History, Event and Prophecy, where Hope in full life for all human beings will inhabit, is our particular way of cooperating with God’s creator project and is, therefore, our Good News, our alternative story that we must announce, communicate and propose as a vital framework for those who listen to us.

Transforming and safeguarding our schools and Piarists presences as Places where Time is Prophecy, i.e., promise and process of salvation, healing, formation, creation, relationship, encounter, accompaniment and community, demands an approach of attentive listening to the signs of the times, of loving care of the spaces, times and people that are entrusted to us, of processes of constant and meaningful innovation, that not only respond to the changes that occur, but propitiate the events that are to come, of permanent evaluation according to our objectives and criteria, and of hopeful call to join the same mission that commits and saves us. That’s where we are.


Alberto Cantero




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