On July 1st, Father General Pedro Aguado arrived in Vienna, Austria. Immediately after his arrival, he visited the end-of-term celebration of the Piarist Elementary School Maria Treu and the Piarist community (Fr. Jean de Dieu, Fr. Bosco, Fr. George, Dn. Prakash, Dn. Paul, and Brother Denise Basile). So he had the opportunity to meet the children and young people at the end of the semester.

Fr. Pedro also spoke to the staff of the Piarist Primary School and thanked them for their commitment during the challenging times of the pandemic.

On Friday, Father General visited the Piarist Elementary School in St. Thekla, Vienna. After meetings with the community (Fr. Pius, Fr. Ignasi, Fr. Gerald and Dn. Ratheesh), Fr. Pedro met the parents’ representatives. Also, he took time in the afternoon to have individual meetings with the brothers from the community in St Thekla.

Father Pedro is very keen to visit the whole Province in Austria. Therefore, on Saturday 3rd, together with the General Delegate of the Piarists in Austria, Fr. Jean de Dieu Tagne, he traveled to Horn to visit Fr. Jomon and Fr. Shyne. Immediately afterward, they went on to Krems. There Fr. General was convinced of the good cooperation of the community with the University of Applied Sciences and spoke with Fr. Antoine and Fr. Jinto. Fr. Pedro also talked to the administrator of the Piarist Province, Thomas Pawel, about the current situation in Austria. On Sunday, further individual talks with the friars followed.

The visit ended with the provincial meeting of all Piarists in Maria Treu.