On May 30th we celebrated the feast of the “Queen of the Pious Schools”. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the opening of our Shrine, inaugurated on 16/05/1959, and since then we venerate our “Heavenly Mother” in this new temple that was rebuilt by our Fathers with faith and tenacity after the bombing of September 8th of 1943.

Even today as in the distant 1617, St. Joseph Calasanz brings us the image of Our Lady with the Child, so that we can live and act knowing that we are children of God.

The feast was prepared by a triduum of prayer led by Father Livio Brocco with the collaboration of Bro. Leonello Buscaglia (Photo 1b). On May 30th, at 17.30, there was a solemn Concelebration presided over by the Bishop of the diocese of Frascati, Mons. Raffaello Martinelli (Photo 1a-1f); Fathers: Sergio Sereni, Provincial (1e-6b); Martin Badiane, Assistant, Maurizio Fagnani, Rector, Giorgio Testa, Vincenzo Lai, Livio Brocco, Tommaso De Luca concelebrated (Photo 5).

After the Eucharistic celebration, the procession led by our bishop, who carried the restored reliquary containing the relic of St. Joseph Calasanz (Photo 14-15-16), follow through some streets of our city; two girls from the kindergarten “Twelve Stars” of the Pious Schools were next to him, along the way (photo 7-13).

On this feast day we want to thank the Lord Jesus who gave us Mary as our Mother; St. Joseph Calasanz who handed us this great gift, the picture of the “Queen of the Pious Schools”, and those who participated in our feast, in particular: the civil and military authorities (Photo 4a); the Pious Union of Our Lady of Capocroce (photo 1d); the Brotherhood of SS. Trinità in Algido from Montecompatri (Photo 4b-12); the Brotherhood Oration and Death (Photo 11); The U.N.I.T.A.L.S.I. and especially the Arch-Fraternity of the Great Mother of God of the Pious Schools (Photo 2, 6a,9-1c, 3,8).

We also thank brother Gerardo for the photos and those who animated the celebration with liturgical songs led by the teacher Carmela Del Vecchio.

Finally, in the square of the Calasanz Institute there was a joyful convivial meeting, also cheered by the band “A. Panizza” of Frascati (Photo 10): in this way we lived a moment of fraternity and joy in the name of Christ.



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