As you may have noticed over the last 21 days, on the page we have shared the chronicles on the Meeting for the Solemn Profession 2019. They have been very strenuous days because of the European summer heat, however, the fraternal heat lived all these days, left on the contrary much joy, coexistence, sharing, personal and community self-knowledge, interculturality, amazement, gratitude, among many other feelings and emotions that have not been transient, but have been recorded in the memory of the soul of each of us who form this Meeting.

Pablo, Sergio, Bartochowski, Yeremias, Francesco, Kolacki, Grochowski Emil, Wilson, Serge, Ricardo, Manuel, José Guadalupe, Brice, Alain, Christian, Adalbert, Alex, Innocent, Celestine, Patrick, Peter, Arturo Carlos, Roberto Emmanuel, Tuan, Ordan, Austin, Jijo, Kiran Kumar, Shinto, Ashok, Ratheesh, Prakash, and Harvin, accompanied throughout the route by PP. Samson Ehemba and Julio Alberto Alvarez Díaz.

All of us have made this year an experience that will remain not in the past or as beautiful memories, but as a catapult of motivation to increase our Calasanctian and Piarist identity, to consolidate the vocation and to be faithful to God through children and young people. Therefore, it is not an experience of the past, but opens the doors to the future.

Of such participants, after having finished the third phase of the Meeting, our brothers: José Guadalupe, Brice, Alain, Christian, Adalbert, Alex, Innocent, Celestine, Patrick, Peter, and Austin (the first of the Province of USA-PR and the rest of the Province of Central Africa) made their solemn vows in the midst of a great Piarist feast, for we met in the Church of St. Pantaleo, in front of the tomb of our Founder, Joseph Calasanz, numerous Piarists priests and deacons, in addition to the Piarist sisters and the relatives of some of the young people. It was actually a shocking moment to witness how at that time 11 young people gave their final YES and forever to children and young people, to the Church and to the Pious Schools. Thank you for this beautiful gift of the Piarist Vocation. Thank you to Fr. Pedro for receiving the solemn profession of our brothers on behalf of Calasanz. The celebration was attended by the Major Superiors, Fr. Evaristus and Fr. Felicien, to attest to the profession of their brothers.

Finally, as a cherry on the cake, we culminate this meeting with the diaconal ordinations of our brothers, Ordan Pinoy, Brice, Alain, Christian, Adalbert, Alex, Innocent, Celestine, Patrick, Peter, and Austin (the first from the Province of Japan Philippines and the rest from the province of Central Africa). This ministry of service was granted by Mgr. Carlos Curiel (Piarist Bishop) who came to Rome expressly to ordain our brothers. It was a celebration full of brotherhood, and simplicity on the part of Mgr. Bishop. We are infinitely grateful for his very important participation in this Piarist and ecclesial feast.

Part of this beautiful end of the Meeting was before the presence of our Lady of the Pious Schools. We pray the Crown of the 12 stars and the evening prayer in front of the painting of the Mother of God that Calasanz gave to this community in Frascati. We finished with an exquisite dinner in Frascati and Montemario where with great joy we thanked to be together. In the midst of singing, dancing, hugs and thanks, we finish this version of the Meeting for the Solemn Profession 2019. Thank you to everyone who has participated in the logistics and organization of the Meeting. Blessings to all and may Calasanz and the Mother of God give us strength to continue to increase the mission where obedience will take us.


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