“The Holy Spirit, who grants to each one his own charism for the edification of the Body of Christ, inspired our founder the work of the Pious Schools. Therefore, our Order participates in a specific way in the evangelizing mission of the whole Church through the integral education of children and young people, especially those most in need, embodied in the fourth specific vow” (Constitutions 90).

The Order of Pious Schools, engendered in the Church by the fortunate boldness and patience of St. Joseph Calasanz, welcomes with joy, confidence, and availability the call of His Holiness Pope Francis to participate in the synodal process initiated throughout the Church.

Since our foundation, our Order has felt itself to be a full daughter of the Church, which recognized from the first moment the originality of Calasanz’ charism as a formidable contribution not only to the edification of the Church but to the transformation of society through integral popular education, from the values of the Gospel, and at the service of children and young people, especially the poorest.

Faithful to our charism, history, and mission, we express our total commitment to the synodal process convened by the Pope and offer our willingness to collaborate in it from what we can contribute.
The Mission is the raison d’être of the Order, communion is both a gift and a challenge, and participation is how we can respond to one another. This is our conviction, and from it, we want to go through this process.

We affirm Communion as a gift of the Spirit and a challenge that encourages us to be in a permanent conversion process. Communion springs from the centrality of Christ, the Lord, in our life and mission, and is built from a whole experience of one’s vocation. We live this communion in the bosom of the Order, and we share it in depth with the Piarist Fraternity, with the Calasanctian Family, and with all the people who live among us, especially with our educators, with our students, and with their families. We believe in communion.

We assume the Mission as the raison d’être of the Order, and we live it with availability and dedication, with full awareness of being sent by the Church to build a more just and fraternal world from our founding charism. We feel impelled by the love of Christ to dedicate our entire existence to the service of our brothers and sisters, and in imitation of Calasanz, we wish to give our lives to the service of children and young people. The Pope invites us to be in a “permanent state of Mission” through a pastoral and missionary conversion. The Mission thus becomes a path of change and renewal, a synodal path.

We understand Participation as the way to live, create and promote communion and mission. Participation means choosing to walk in common with as many people as they want to share Calasanz’s dream, and it requires us to create the conditions so that this is not only possible but lived in a creative and co-responsible way. Furthermore, we seek that such participation provokes online discernment of communion and mission.

As Pious Schools, we intend to participate in all the dynamics of the synodal process of our Church: at the diocesan level, at the level of the associations of Consecrated Life, and within the Pious Schools.
We begin with hope, a Piarist synodal journey, in which we will seek encounter, listening, and discernment. Let us remain in prayer and co-responsible availability throughout the process that we will promote these months in the whole of the Pious Schools.

May everything be for the Glory of God and the Usefulness of the Neighbor.

The General Congregation of the Pious Schools

Rome, 23 October 2021.