The General Congregation has appointed Fr. József Urbán as new Viceprovincial Superior of India for the quadrennium 2019-2023. Likewise, we communicate that the Holy See has granted permission for Fr. Urbán to reconcile this position with the one of General Assistant for Asia, until the next General Chapter.

We thank Fr. Urbán for his availability and wish him all the best in his new service to the Order.

Fr. Urbán was born in Budapest on July 12, 1964. He made his solemn profession on August 25, 1991, and was ordained a priest on May 2, 1992. In his life as a Piarist he has served as Principal of Szeged School (1998-2002), Provincial of Hungary (2003-2011), Provincial Assistant (2011-2015), Master of Juniors (2011-2012) and Principal of the school of Budapest (2012-2014). In the General Chapter of 2015, he was elected Assistant General for Asia.