Sowing a Culture of Order in the Accompaniment of People and Groups

Convocation of Fr. Pedro Aguado:

The implementation of your General Secretariat and the general teams that report to you.

  1. General Secretariat of the Piarist We Need
  2. Vocation Ministry Promotion Team
    1. Team promoting Vocation Ministry in the European Circumscription
    2. Team promoting Vocation Ministry in the American Circumscription
    3. Team promoting Vocation Ministry in the Asian Circumscription
    4. Promotion team of Vocation Ministry in the African Circumscription
  3. Coordinating team of the project “Pious Schools Going Forth”
  4. Team of accompaniment of young religious

We are facing a very important challenge, and I believe that we must become clearly aware of the importance of your secretariat and of all the options that we can and must promote.

The General Congregation has constituted a General Secretariat for this central NUCLEUS of the life and mission of the Pious Schools. This secretariat assumes the following tasks:

  1. Transversality: Study and discernment on the great formative challenges that are especially important today. Among them: attitudes of dialogue and discernment; overcoming abusive attitudes and clericalism; impulse of synodality in our lives; accompaniment; attitudes to the technological and communicative world, paths of vocational authenticity, etc. It will be especially important to design learning processes in these important areas.
  2. Coordination of the area teams that are integrated into this nucleus
  3. Other specific tasks:
  • Monitoring of statutes, programs, reports, evaluation instruments, etc.
  • Promotion of Initial Formation fromthe Lines of Action of the 48th. General Chapter
  • Organization of ongoing formation activities at Order level.
  • Accompaniment of Community Life, in coordination with the General Congregation, which directly assumes the Shaping Nucleus “The centrality of Jesus Christ in our Life and Mission”.

After the call, several meetings of the General Secretariat (soon to meet in person in Rome), the general and circumscription teams were held. We are all on the way to developing the six-year plan. Meanwhile, in the meetings, what reigns is the desire to build the Pious Schools that we need from the adequate accompaniment of people and groups.

Thanks to all those who make up the “General Secretariat of the Piarist we need” and the general teams. We will continue to dream together and make such a dream a daily experience within the communities.