On this 25th of August we celebrate with deep joy the Solemnity of St Joseph Calasanz.

On this day we all feel sons and daughters of Calasanz. We join in the thanksgiving to God for life, for the work for the charism of Our Holy Father. And that’s why I, from this special place for the Pious Schools, which is the room in which he lived and worked for many years, I would like to address my congratulations on my name and on behalf also of the General Congregation to all of you, to all the Fraternities, tor all educators, to all the members of the Piarist presences, to so many young people who dream of being Piarists, to so many people who know the Calasanz project, who love it. In short, to the whole of the Piarist world, I would like to congratulate you with all my heart and I wish you to live this day and, above all, to live your vocation with deep joy and with deep thanks to God.

I record this message in The Room of St. Joseph Calasanz and I do it for a very special reason, that I want to share with all of you and I also want to communicate to you. The Order has just published after much work the Opera Omnia of St. Joseph Calasanz; there are ten volumes, ten quarter volumes that collect all the writings, absolutely all, of Our Holy Father Saint Joseph Calasanz. It is a gift that we want to offer to all people who know and love Calasanz and to the whole Church and society, because in these pages the thought of an extraordinary man is collected. And when I present and announce the publication of the OperaOmnia (for now it is written, it is published in the Spanish language; now the work of translation to the various official languages of the Order has begun), I also want to wish you something that we perceive by reading these books right away.

First of all, we perceive the strength with which Calasanz lived his charism. A charism, as you know, is something bigger than a project, this being very important. A charism is a central aspect of the Gospel and Calasanz lived his charism with a force, with a conviction with an extraordinary dedication; that is why the Church recognized it as a specific vocation, which today we try to follow. I wish you too to live with strength, with joy, with conviction this charism you have received.

Secondly, we can see the amount of writings of the Holy Father. We can see the daily generosity with which he turned his charism into conviction in work and in the construction of Pious Schools. And I wish you the same in congratulating you: that you too may live the same conviction day by day and always to do it with authenticity, always with joy, always with dedication. These two words, charism and daily dedication, are the ones I have chosen to congratulate you on this day of St. Joseph Calasanz. I want to do so remembering what we say of the Pious Schools when we say so: the Pious Schools recognize themselves as the work of God and the fortunate daring and persevering patience of St. Joseph of Calasanz. Therefore, dear brothers and sisters, from here, from the room of Calasanz, in our house of Saint Pantaleo en Roma, happy day of Calasanz and may God grant you to live each your vocation with fortunate daring, with persevering patience, and with deep trust in God.

Thank you very much, and a happy day to all.


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