In a press release dated 2 March, the management of ICALDE announces the academic re-entry of the year 2021/2022. The start of the third batch for education law learners is set for 19 October 2021. Since then (02 March 2021), registrations will be open on the ICALDE website ( After the first two generations, successively named Generation Sainte Dorothea and Generation Cardinal Tonti, ICALDE is more ready than ever to welcome new listeners eager for knowledge of the right to education. These two vintages are made up of people from several geographical areas (Austria, Cameroon, Spain, Italy, Senegal, Uruguay). The confidence shown at ICALDE met with demanding and rigorous work, as well as an accompaniment that places listeners at the center of the concerns of ICALDE officials.

For this new year, the interest of the training has been demonstrated more than once, by the various testimonies of its listeners, who considered this master’s original, topical, and essential for the development of each nation, regardless of the geographical region, since education is indeed the foundation of development.

To this end, the registration procedure remains the same as last year, namely a three-step selection process, including pre-registration, file study and formal registration.

  • Pre-registration consists of the preparation of the application file with a personal or pedagogical project to be carried out during the training, a cover letter, a resume, a copy of the required diploma (bachelor’s degree in law or social sciences). This procedure takes place online at the address , or the file is emailed to The deadline for submitting the application is  September 11, 2021. Then the study of the files follows, which consists of interviews with the postulants. The closing date for this procedure is 22 September 2021. Subsequently, a return to the candidates will be made, so that a list of participants in this new promotion is defined, this until September 25, 2021.
  • Registration will take place between September 26 and October 12, 2021, and classes will begin on October 19, 2021. Tuition fees are payable in two monthly installments, up to 50% of the total amount, which is 2000 euros.


Stéphane Lontsi K.