Continuing their training for a master’s degree in the Right to Education, the GENERATION SAINT DOROTHÉE, the first promotion of the Calasanz Institute of the Right to Education begins today with the complementary module 1 entitled DIPLOMATIC RIGHT AND REDACTION OF ACTS. In this module, the DR311 course entitled REDACTION OF THE LEGISLATIVE AND REGLÉMENTARY ACTS is led by Magistrate Alexis Ndzuenkeu, who is also Chief Legal Officer at OHADA (Organization for Harmonization in Africa of Business Law). For him, it will be a matter of presenting the rules for writing a legislative and regulatory act; discussing the general principles and elements of a legislative and regulatory act and analyzing practical cases through situations. The pedagogical objective of this course is to introduce learners to the techniques of designing and writing normative acts.

The design and evaluation of the law, the basic principles of legislative drafting and the normative elements and legislative language are the essence of the content of this course.

Stephane Lontsi K.