On the vigil of Pentecost, Saturday, June 8, 2019, was held the incorporation to the Fraternity of the Nazareth Pious Schools of Lilia Fonseca, Maria de los Ángeles González and Gladys Barbosa.

After several years of parish catechetical service, experience of small community on the adult Calasanz Movement and making the process of discernment, they were admitted into the Fraternity. They begin this beautiful way of living the Piarist charism with greater awareness from their laity in the Fraternity.

We congratulate and accompany them in their choice.

Santiago Gaviria

June 8, 2019 – Medellín, Colombia



In the Solemnity of the celebration of Pentecost, with joy we received the incorporation of ten brothers and sisters to the Fraternity of the Pious Schools, Nazareth Province. A simple celebration, but full of emotion because Saint Joseph Calasanz’ history is still alive.

Father Oswaldo Espinoza invited all of us, lay and religious, to have a great mission in our lives; leaving the Holy Spirit truly act in our lives we can make a genuine community, because it is there where we find clarities and forces to live in an ordered love, fraternity and above all to keep on building the Pious Schools at Cañar, Ecuador.

Thank you, brothers and sisters, for making part of this history of the Pious Schools of Nazareth in Ecuador: Carlos Martínez, Matilde Gualpa, Janeth Andrade, Mercedes Morocho, Maruja Arévalo, Virginia Verdugo, Alexandra Vivar, Martha Guamán, Erika Ochoa and Angélica Campoverde.


Fr. Jaime Caraguay, Sch.P.

Cañar, June 9, 2019.