In the Slovak Province, the quarantine started on March 10th. The schools, shop centers, and restaurants were closed, the public services were banned, and the home office was supported as much as possible.

Later, the boarders were sealed and all the people, coming from abroad, had to go to the state mandatory 14-days quarantine. Also, and based on the letter from the Father General, we were strongly working on bringing hope to all the people in our Province, who needed to stay home and who were experiencing the situation intensely.

The Piarists played an important role in celebrating the Holy Mass broadcasted on social networks. This way we helped our believers to celebrate Easter and to gather together in prayer. Furthermore, we broadcast the Mass for children as the only order in Slovakia and translate them into sign language. That helped the perception of the order in public even outside the Christians.

To bring hope to our teachers as well, we organized the online spiritual retreat. The Piarist Fraternity is having the spiritual retreat, we are looking for, the next weekend. Its topic is how to live the holy life every day in this world.

Even the state television was interested in our activities because we were one of very few who permit the Easter confessions – the portable confession booths were installed on the school courts, where people could come and receive the sacrament of reconciliation.

Our schools are doing great at this time and in the current situation. We are teaching online and there are indicators that the kindergarten should be open again at the beginning of June.

By working on some changes in the teaching methods at our schools, this quarantine has helped us to precisely design and think about the future of our schools.

Under the regulation of the Minister of Education, the upper secondary school examination will take place at our schools, and their undergoing was marked based on the student’s present rating.

Today, May 16th, our churches can reopen their doors again under strict hygiene standards. The capacity of the church is restricted, and the Holy Mass is still broadcasted online.

All our Fathers, members of Fraternity, and teachers are safe, and we are trying to find the right way to bring hope and encouragement to others.


Andrej Kmotorka



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