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This logo is intended to represent the Piarist charism in a gesture, in an image. It was quite a challenge to develop this image that will accompany The Piarist Order throughout this special jubilee year. The concept of “humility” is a central element in the Calasanctian pedagogy. Putting oneself at the same height, searching, “person-to-person” contact, facilitating dialogue and interaction with children, these are important concepts represented in this logo in a simple way by depicting a man who is crouched and listening as he comes into contact with a little one. He is a man of a certain age, one that represents the experience accumulated by the Pious Schools throughout its 400-year history. Ours is a vocation in continuous innovation and growth, but without losing as its focus: the experience of a personal encounter with a little one.

Con motivo de la celebración del Año Jubilar Escolapio se ha creado una marca conmemorativa que se utilizará en todos aquellos materiales que se elaboren durante el año.

In occasione della celebrazione dell’Anno Giubilare Calasanziano è stato creato questo logo commemorativo che si utilizzerà su tutto il materiale che sarà elaborato lungo l’anno.

On the occasion of the celebration of the Piarist Jubilee Year, we have created a commemorative mark to be used in all those materials that will be prepared during the year.

À l’occasion de la célébration de l’Année Jubilaire Piariste on a créé une marque commémorative qui sera utilisée dans tous les matériaux qui vont être développés au cours de l’année.

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