Loving the Church“: motto that led the meeting of 130 people linked to our schools, parishes, works and the Fraternity of the whole province of Poland. They gathered in Licheń to experience an event called “the Feast of the Piarist Laity“, from October 21 to 23.

The place of the meeting was strategically chosen, because in Licheń there is a shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Currently, this place is guarded by a Marian congregation founded by Fr. Stanisław Papczyński, a former Polish Piarist, during the 17th century.

The first lecture given to the Piarist laity was “The Church of Calasanz – a difficult love“. This talk was given by Fr. Mateusz Pindelski. Fr. Provincial enlisted lights and shadows of the vocational experience of Our Holy Father in relation to the Church.

The second talk was on the theme: “When the past gets in the way of love“. This lecture was given by Fr. Edward Kryściak who sketched the historical development of the Church. He explained the influence of the changes that occurred within the Church over the centuries up to our present.

The last speaker was Mr. Andrzej Boj Wojtowicz. He is the author of the paintings of St. Joseph Calasanz located in our house in Jelenia Góra – Cieplice. In his lecture entitled: “My Calasanz – the communion of saints“, the lecturer underlined the importance of how an artist values the Creator-creature relationship when his artistic work is closely linked to the sacred and to his experience of faith.

The Festival is an opportunity to show gratitude. At the meeting, several awards were presented to lay people for their perseverance in the mission shared with the Pious Schools in Poland, for example: the Fraternity Diploma was presented to Bożena Wojciechowska, a teacher at the Łowicz school. The provincial award and the statuette of “Calasanz and the child” were awarded to: Anna Maro, from the Katowice school, and, to Agata Chmiel and Damian Ruszel, from the Rzeszów works. The statuette of the “Angel of the Piarist school” was awarded to Bożena Siekiera from Łowicz.

A curious fact shared by the people who participated in the meeting was: selfless help to refugees from Ukraine. Through the voice of their presence representatives thanked the parishioners from Rzeszów, Kraków-Wieczysta, Bolszewo and Jelenia Góra-Cieplice.