During the past week, from the night of Sunday, September 4 to Saturday, September 10, a meeting of Piarists over 70 years of age from the three Piarist Provinces has taken place in Peralta; Bethany, Catalonia and Emmaus.

Organized within the framework of the 325 years of Piarist presence in Peralta, and with the aim of promoting a few days of meeting and formation, a varied program of talks, moments of cultural visits and fraternal sharing has been developed.

33 Piarist religious, with a lot of experience and life behind them have enjoyed coexistence and enrichment, from the program that we copy below. In it there are also the names of the participants, to whom we call to write their assessments and suggestions, in addition to sharing what they have lived with their communities of origin.

An initiative resulting from interprovincial collaboration, which can inspire us for future interventions that enrich us all, and that helps us to get closer to the objectives we set ourselves with our presence in Peralta; recognize its history and Piarist contribution, deepen its legacy and spirituality, update its message and contribution, and rethink our way of placing ourselves in it.

We leave grateful to the contributions of each of the participants – like the kids, coexistence is the great formative component – and to the community of Peralta for its good reception, for making it everyone’s home. Hopefully this meeting will also contribute to continue giving it life.

In addition to the more detailed account of the experience – we still have to mention the new exhibition on Calasanz, which has just been installed there. Fruit of the collaboration of the provincial teams, pastoral and communication mainly.

We also add an explanation about it.

The objective of this Exhibition is to show visitors, children, young people and adults, the life of Calasanz and its continuity in the Piarists of today. The theme is therefore the passion for education that is born in our saint and continues in the Order. They are a set of totems and cardboard modules of various shapes and sizes that invite you to read information about Calasanz, but also to play and entertain yourself with the saint.

Being made entirely of cardboard, it is easily foldable and transportable: the idea is that you can take a tour of our schools and many students can enjoy it.

A giant puzzle, an alphabet soup also of great size, a rocket to dream a good project for the future and an olive tree in which to hang our wishes for the Pious Schools, a labyrinth-school where to search and find … Each element of the Exhibition is designed to live the experience of valuing the gift of the school and dreaming of Calasanz.

In the design of the exhibition have collaborated Ángel Ayala, reviewing the texts on the biography of Calasanz, the designers Pepe Montalvá and Paula Gorráiz who have contributed their know-how, and the drawings of Ana Varela already published in the story of Fran Beunza EscolaPiopio. The communication team has coordinated the development of the idea and the invoice by the company Cartonlab. The didactic resources are completed by a song prepared by the Ruáh group from Pamplona-Iruña, and from which the video is now being elaborated, a video of Calasanz’ life type Draw my life that we already presented, and a deck of Piarist cards. In addition, the exhibition has a script of use adaptable to the different ages, with which to make our students, families and collaborators and educators enjoy for a long time a playful but deep experience at the same time. You can see parts of the expo in these photos, currently installed in the cloister of Peralta de la Sal.

Fr. Juan Carlos de la Riva, Sch. P.