On March 3 and 4 in Hebdów, a meeting of the Provincial Council took place – the second in this quadrennial. The Provincial Father, the Assistants and Delegates of the Provincial Father, the Superiors of the Communities of Poland, Belarus and the Czech Republic and the persons in charge in the Province – a total of 30 people between religious and laity – participated.

The first part of the encounter had a formative character. There was a time for personal prayer before the Most Holy and then a time to share by taking advantage of the numbers 69-71 of our Constitutions and fragments from the book of Fr. Asiain and Fr. Miró on the charismatic reading of them. All related to the issue of the poverty vow.

After listening to God and at the same time to the brethren, the sessions were held to give information on the current situation in the Province and then a time of discussion and discernment.

The next day, March 5, the principals of Poland’s eight school schools met.

Fr. Jacek Wolan Sch. P.


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