“Mary gave birth to her son, wrapped him in diapers and laid him down in a manger, for there was no room for them in the inn” (Lk 2:7).

We are so accustomed to this text that sometimes we do not realize the extraordinary simplicity with which the most formidable event in the history of humanity is narrated. It is God who, in his mercy, incarnates in a poor and helpless child, and assumes our condition to, with his message and his presence, transform forever our lives and, by his death and resurrection, lead us to the fullness of God.

This is our faith, which we celebrate in a special way in this Christmas season. We celebrate the love of God, the Magnificat of Mary, the silent and humble faith of Joseph, the search of the Magi, the hope of the shepherds, the proclamation of the “Glory to God in the heights and Peace on earth to the people beloved by the Lord” that we proclaim in every Sunday Eucharist. We celebrate the announcement of the angel “do not be afraid”, and the fullness of the “now, Lord, you can already let your servant go in peace”, of the elder Simeon.

We celebrate as a family, in community, in the classrooms, in the Calasanz Movement, in the teams of educators, in our parishes, in homes, in all our Mission platforms. We celebrate in the Fraternity, in our work, in the streets and squares of our cities. We wish each other peace, happiness, blessing. In the midst of our lives, so full of work and activity, and sometimes so distracted, Christmas helps us to put our attention on what is really important and central:  “as the fullness of time arrived, God sent us as savior his only Son.”

May all of us who are and feel that we are sons and daughters of Calasanz live this Christmas as a new opportunity for the encounter with God and with our brothers, and with this encounter help us in our life and in our vocation.

Merry Christmas, and a new year full of life and mission!

The General Congregation of the Order of the Pious Schools