October 31, 2018 was a very important day for the history of the Piarist presence in Viet Nam, because it was celebrated the blessing and inauguration of the first house owned by the Order in that country, in Ho Chi Minh City.

The main function of the house is the vocational reception and initial formation of the young Vietnamese. It has capacity for about 30 young and eight adult religious.

The blessing ceremony was presided over by the Bishop of the neighboring diocese of Phu Cuong Monsignor Joseph Nguyen Tan Tuoc. Fr. General and Fr. Viceprovincial of Japan and the Philippines were present, accompanying our Vietnamese Piarists and sharing their joy. More than 350 people gathered in the Eucharist and later lunch, all deeply happy of the celebrated event.

So far, our life in Ho Chi Minh City has been carried forward in a rented house. The construction of this house represents a significant step in the incipient consolidation of our presence in Viet Nam.

We thank FF. Vinh and Randy for the great work done to achieve this dream, as well as the various young Vietnamese religious who have collaborated with them during their year of pastoral experience.

Let us pray for our brothers in Viet Nam, and for all the young men who take their first steps Piarists in the new house.