We have just added to Scripta (http://scripta.scolopi.net) the French translation of volumes 1, 2, 3 and 5 of the Opera Omnia. This means making a total of 2253 letters and 465 biographical references available to French-speaking readers. The translation is being carried out by José Pascual Burgués Sch. P.  and Pierre Diatta Sch. P. This is the first time that so many writings of the Holy Founder have been made available in French. We will be adding more translations as they are prepared. We hope it will be very useful.

We have also included in Scripta the English translation of Volumes 2 and 3. Together with Volume 1, which was already there, makes a total of 1642 letters and 365 biographies. In the case of the English language, the translation is being carried out by Ms. Emmy Prieto.

The Scripta website detects the language in which the user’s device is configured and automatically displays the translations in the detected language (in addition to the transcription in the original language of the document).

If you want to consult the translation in any other available language, just select it on the initial screen by clicking on the flag that appears in the upper band, just below the site title.