Our 48th General Chapter approved the following canonical proposition: “That the month of November, on some day after the Solemnity of All Saints, be designated a day for the celebration of all the Piarist saints.” The justification that accompanied the proposal read as follows: “it will be an opportunity to ask, through the intercession of the cloud of Piarist witnesses, our own sanctification.”

In fulfillment of this capitular decision, the General Congregation declares that November 18 of each year will be a day of “celebration of all the Piarist saints.”  Our prayer, unanimous, will beg from the Lord for the gift of holiness for all the children of Calasanz.

November 18 is the anniversary of the promulgation of the Brief “In supremo apostolatus solio”, by which Pope Gregory XV elevated the Pious Schools to the category of religious Order of solemn vows. We choose this day to celebrate all the Piarist saints from the conviction that the gift of holiness, which only the Lord can grant, is also the fruit of the honest and faithful experience of our religious consecration. We are convinced that the commemoration of all the Piarists who have lived holy throughout our history and who enjoy the loving presence of God will help us a lot in our journey of holiness.