In November 2020, the provincials of the United States – Puerto Rico, and Mexico visited Guatemala to advance in the process of founding a Piarist community in that country.

The Vice Provincial of the Californias had already participated in one of the visits made by the commission that was formed three years ago to prepare this foundation. Therefore, the three superiors of the involved demarcations already know this place.

Currently, we have the formal invitation of Msgr. Mario Alberto Molina Palma, O.A.R., Archbishop of Quetzaltenango who offers us a parish with parochial schools in the municipalities Huitán and Cabricán, two populations of the Mam ethnic group.

After a period of reflection of the three superiors with their congregations, we are very close to starting.

We want this new experience to be inspired by the keys of life of our Order, to prioritize community life, teamwork, vocational culture, inculturation, collaboration with the local Church, pastoral of processes, etc.

In due time we will make known the names of the religious who will be sent to serve, from the charism of the Pious Schools, the children, and youth of Guatemala.

Fr. Francisco Anaya Walker Sch. P.

General Assistant for America