When November 27 arrives, all of us who are and feel like sons and daughters of Calasanz joyfully celebrate his patronage of the Christian popular schools. It is a day when we celebrate, especially with students, the saint that God gave us as a father, teacher and founder. CONGRATULATIONS!

In the celebration of this year 2020, there is an accent that we want to highlight especially, and that it is good for us to remember and think about these Calasanctian days: Pope Francis’ call for the “reconstruction of the Global Educational Pact“.

The whole Church and the whole of society, from all human and religious sensitivities, is called to contemplate Education as the central key from which we can build a different world, a world of brothers and sisters, children of a God who is the Father of all. Only education can change the world. For this reason, our educational task tries to “rebuild the fractures of our world“, which Pope Francis sums up in three: the fracture between the person and God; the fracture between each person and the diversity of human beings, seeking communion with the different; and finally, the fracture between the person and nature and the care of the common house.

It is easy for us, Piarists, to understand this call from Pope Francis, because it was Calasanz who started the journey, fighting for the right to education of all, especially the poorest; spawning a comprehensive educational project, from the gospel; constituting a School capable of responding to the challenge of transforming the world and opening concrete horizons to the life of each child; founding the Order of the Pious Schools, which continues, with enthusiastic fidelity, to promote this extraordinary project; and inspiring so many people, communities, congregations, fraternities and institutions to embody, in a different way, the charism he received and which the Church consolidated.

Calasanz gave rise to the Global Education Pact. Let us work to move forward, from his example, in this exciting task.

Our best congratulations, and thanks, to all the people who believe in this dream and work to make it real.

God bless you and take care of you.

The General Congregation of the Pious Schools

Rome, 27 November 2020, Patronage of Saint Joseph Calasanz of the Christian Popular Schools.