In the month of October 2020 we had four continental meetings of the Piarist Synod of Young People through digital platforms.

After reflecting on a video that Father General offered us of how to guide the meetings, the representatives of each demarcation shared on these topics prepared in advance with their teams:

  1. The reception of the proposals of the Piarist Youth Assembly.
  2. Results obtained during the synodal process.
  3. Lines of advance for the Pious Schools.

Piarist Synod is a process that started on Pentecost Sunday of the year 2017 and has not finished yet. The joint reflection of young people and adults, religious and laity, many people involved in the Piarist mission, has fostered a greater awareness of the treasure that we carry in our hands.

Complete pastoral processes with a vocational moving stream a commitment assumed in the Calasanz Movement, is one of the most important issues that we have worked on. Closely related to this, there are specific topics that give us satisfaction and at the same time challenges us to grow: in prayer, following Christ, volunteering, non-formal education, digital means of communication, discernment processes, the accompaniment of discernment, training to accompany, etc.

On the web site page and our different social network we have published many materials that can be very useful for our life and mission. All this with the indispensable contribution of young people from many parts of Piarist geography. In addition, at the current stage of the process, we started a new section called Fruits of the Synod Process.

We do not go alone on the road. Even in those places where it has been more difficult to obtain satisfactory results, the desire to join with conviction and enthusiasm in this impulse that comes from the Spirit is remarkable.

We all want to walk together, supporting each other, letting Him guide, enlighten and strengthen us.

Thus, we will arrive at the General Chapter with a joint reflection to respond to what the Lord asks from us at this peculiar moment in the history of the Pious Schools.


Francisco Anaya Walker, Sch. P.

Piarist Community of Miami