Fr. José Guadalupe Garcia Jasso Sch. P., was ordained a Piarist priest on July 17, 2022, in his native land, in the parish of San Guillermo, Valle de Santiago, Diocese of Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico, by Bishop Enrique Díaz Díaz.

He tells us about his experience:

“Any kind of beauty has no comparison with “The Beauty” of the great sacrament through which one receives Holy Orders, which is the greatest gift God can give to a human being. In this sacrament, one completely surrenders one’s life to God. It summarizes what it is to be a Piarist and to have total trust in God, who sustains this ministry. 

I feel very happy because my hands have been anointed with the chrism of love, the chrism that gives me the ability to be with Christ, one more worker for the harvest that needs so much the divine presence.

My head has been touched by the blessing I received from the bishop and by the blessing of my brother priests who received this great ministry before me. The Holy Spirit continues to rest on me and empowers me for such a beautiful task that requires my complete dedication.

Every time I celebrate the Eucharist, I feel very happy; it is a feeling that comes from the depths of my being; it is a great gift that transforms me and creates in me genuinely enriching experiences. 

I felt very accompanied, first of all by the priests who traveled to the parish of San Guillermo; it was something beautiful. I was also accompanied by people close to my process who have known me since I arrived at the novitiate. The ecclesial community was very attentive in preparing to celebrate this beautiful sacrament.

There was no less joy in my first mass because many people came to accompany me and be by my side in this special moment. I was very excited and full of happiness, and I still am. There is a great need in the Church, and I hope to be, with God’s help, a priest instructed in self-giving in the likeness of my Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ.

My family was essential in this process. I was and continue to be supported at all times by them. Unfortunately, most of my family could not be physically present, but spiritually and virtually, they accompanied me in every step I took. 

I want to thank Jesus Christ for this call, and I hope that many can say yes to this beautiful vocation if God calls them. I desire that we continue to pray for all the people who are called to make a decision like this so that they may trust entirely in the Lord and be a bridge between God and man. God bless you!

I greet you warmly in the Lord”.

Fr. José Guadalupe García Jasso Sch. P.