It was not you who chose me, but it was I who chose and appointed you to go and bear fruit and for your fruits to remain (Jn 15:16b)

During this weekend, the Pious Schools of Brazil-Bolivia was pleased with the Simple Professions of Edmundo and Péterson, and with the solemn profession and Diaconal Ordination of our Brother Ivomar.

The process of imitation of Christ asks us for important steps on our vocational journey. This weekend we rightly accompany those steps that help us to imitate Christ more closely, in his gestures, words and actions. They were two unique moments that marked vocationally the lives of many people and the Piarist presence in Serra, for all three are fruits of that harvest that asks for more workers.

The solemn profession of our brother Ivomar represents for all of us the configuration of a path next to Christ, serving the little ones in the style of Saint Joseph Calasanz. In his profession, we ask the Lord to shine in him perfect chastity, joyful poverty, and generous obedience. And at the same time, may he be patient in tribulation, strong in faith, joyful in hope and fruitful in love. So that his ultimate choice for religious life may transcend in him.

The Diaconal Ordination, presided over by Mgr. Dario Campos, showed us how the following of Christ is beautiful and, at the same time, demanding. A following that is based on total self-giving, so that others may have life, just as Christ himself did. Following asks us to be at the service of the forgotten and excluded from society who need a voice and place. We can see in Ivomar the desire to express with his service his clear choice for the Kingdom of God. His ordination as a Deacon is also an invitation to us to allow ourselves to trust more in Christ and to put ourselves at his service.

We thank God for those celebrations that were also a vocational impulse for all of us, for the yes of our Brother Ivomar, who represents a generous dedication giving his life for the Kingdom of God and for the Piarists who continue to give their lives for the greater Glory of God and usefulness of others.

Brother Deibson Gouvca, Sch.P.