This year marks exactly 22 years since the Piarist Fathers founded the Novitiate Community of Kumbo in the locality of Romajai, located a few kilometers from the Central Town of Kumbo. The roads to Romajai are generally very bad especially during the rainy season, but those who succeed to arrive the Novitiate house never return without being transformed from within. Those who have lived in this spiritual home especially the novices will bear testimony with their own personal experiences.

Sometimes, when one passes around or visits our Novitiate House of Kumbo, externally he or she may be tempted to think that, it is an abandoned or isolated house in the outskirts of Kumbo. Yet it is a holy ground, where majority of the brothers have been formed in the Province of Central Africa. Since the inauguration of the new Community building in 2013, it has always responded to its original objective for which it was constructed, with a very conducive, calm, silent and inspiring atmosphere for the formation of our novices.

Traditionally in the Province, every 25th August, we celebrate the solemnity of our Holy Founder with the Simple Profession of the Novices in the Novitiate Community. This year we were blessed with 12 Novices who made their profession in to the Order. During the solemn mass presided over by his Lordship Bishop George Nkuo of the diocese of Kumbo, he reminded the newly professed brothers that: “To be consecrated means to be totally given to the Lord, to belong to God, to transfer the title of ownership of one’s life over to God and to be cut off from the worldly things to be with God.” On his part, the Provincial Superior reminded the Young Professed of the implication of the vows in the life of a Religious, encouraging them to model their life according to the teachings of Christ in the Gospels and of our Holy Founder in our Constitutions and Rules. The occasion witnessed the presence of some neighboring religious communities. The parents of the candidates could not attend due to the insecurity in Kumbo caused by the Anglophone crisis. We thank the Lord of the harvest for granting us the gift of 12 more Religious brothers in the Province.

Fr Evaristus Akem, Sch P.