Almost four years after the inauguration of the School of Italian for Foreigners
The Italian Manual for Foreigners has been published.

Father Ugo Barani, President of the Fondazione Collegio Nazareno, a firm believer of the Piarist mission, promoted funding from the Foundation for the publication of the Book, in order to offer a response to the requests of the non-formal School.

The school is totally free, and the number of enrollees grows day by day.

The Covid pandemic, despite the serious consequences and difficulties of teaching, has opened up new opportunities.

The course makes use of the Zoom platform that is followed by the 317 enrolled in the school for the year 2020/21.

In addition, two other platforms have been opened: YouTube channel Collegio Nazareno Italian lessons with 444 registrations and Tik Tok Italia_a_parole, with 1516 subscribers, to which everyone can subscribe free of charge.

Every day the lessons are guaranteed, and the courses respect the design of the European Language Framework.

Both YouTube and Tik Tok offer a lesson from Monday to Saturday.

From the constant educational commitment and from the requests of the members, the need to have a free textbook for all users and enrolled in the School emerged.

The manual aims to respond to the needs of a pragmatic use of the Italian language with the primary purpose of survival of foreigners in Italy, in need of learning in a second language what they already know how to say in their own.

From this spirit of struggle and overcoming basic needs, was born the title: Avanti, Avanti, Avanti.

We want our students with this manual to have a tool and move forward, but not only in understanding the language, but also in life and faith.

Unlike other Italian Manuals, our Avanti, Avanti, Avanti dedicates a chapter to prayer, explains according to a literal understanding the verbs of Christian prayers and faces in each chapter a glimpse of life, fragmenting and simplifying every daily action and every projection to tomorrow.

Tomorrow becomes a simple future, yesterday it turns into the near past, today is the indicative present.

The author is Rossana Cosci, Italian teacher for foreigners of the Collegio Nazareno Foundation, qualified and certified for teaching Italian according to European legislation.

Rossana is also the Secretary of the Nazareno College Foundation.

The graphic art of the book was curated by little Noemi Sofia Mento, daughter of only 10 years of Rossana Cosci.

Father Fernando Torres, Piarist, helped in the technical consultancy of the book and in the implementation of distance teaching of the School of Italian for Foreigners at the Nazareno College.