Since 2004, as many confreres know, a Kindergarten is in operation in our Institute, which currently sees the presence of 38 children from 3 to 6 years old.

After avoiding in 2018, the year of the end of primary school, the total closure of the oldest school in Europe started outside the City, by S. Joseph Calasanz in 1616, the Kindergarten first resisted with a small presence in 2018/19 (14 children) and then began to grow again in 2019/20 (28 children). This year 2020/21, as mentioned above, the School has 38 children.

In order to look to the future with renewed confidence, we felt the need to give greater stability to the School by starting an educational itinerary that started from the little ones.

Finally, with the approval of the Provincial Fr. Sergio Sereni and his Congregation, after a long preparation, a series of works to adapt the structure, the finding of furniture thanks also to the donation of a school benefactor, difficulties of various kinds – not least the pandemic, which forces us to slow down in numerical growth – and bureaucratic obstacles overcome, on January 7, 2021 the Childhood World “Twelve Stars” of the Pious Schools of Frascati was enriched by the presence of children of one and two years who inaugurated our Nursery.

Currently there are 10 children inserted under the skilful and caring guidance of educators Francesca Benedetti and Sonia De Luca (we can accommodate up to 29), and others are waiting to attend the Nursery, unique in our Italian Province.

In the educational and regenerative mission carried out from September 2017 to today by the Fathers Livio (in the Sanctuary) and Maurizio (in the School) we cannot pass over in silence, nor the precious contribution made by Bor. Nello Buscaglia (2017-19), nor the loving and competent dedication of the teachers of the Kindergarten Patrizia Venturi and Alessia Santodonato, Roberta Venturini trainee specialist of Ed. Motoria, Francesca Possanzini assistant and substitute for children as well as specialist for the English language, Laura Venturini, specialist in motor education, secretary of the School and soul, together with the Gym Art association, of the rebirth of the Institute itself. The educational team is completed by Frans Elders and Barbara Giammarioli, precious in many complementary services and, since September 2019, by the return of Fr. Giuseppe Venturi, irreplaceable cook, craftsman, and technician ready for all emergencies. Thanks to him, and above all to the passion and dedication of his brother Luigi and his family (Patrizia, Mario, Laura and Maria), it was possible to create in record time and give the Pious Schools what represents the flagship of the school of little ones: the garden / playground of nursery and kindergarten children. The schoolteachers contributed to the completion of the work, with the work, and Fr. Provincial to whom we thank for an economic contribution.

To support the activity of the School, in the structure we host other cultural and educational agencies: the sports and cultural Association GYM ART, promoted by the sisters Laura and Roberta Venturini, as a support and complement to our educational action. Among the various activities, Gym Art takes care of the afterschool for primary and lower secondary school children; the ASD “Landing of Turan”, which refers to the psychologist Simona Calò, our collaborator and supporter. Among the activities, this association offers educational support to children in difficulty; the Cultural Association The Color of Thoughts” which promotes an afternoon school of Computer Science for children and young people. Next year this Association will also deal with computer projects for our kindergarten; the English School British International Association; the Social Cooperative “Pythagoras Study Center”, which supports young university and high school students in scientific and humanities subjects; the music school  ” Musical gems”  of Carmela Del Vecchio and finally the school of pictorial  art of Sonia Nardocci.

P. Maurizio Fagnani Sch. P.