On September 11, the pedagogical days organized by the Secretariat of Formal Education of the Province of Mexico concluded. They were intended to recover the experience of teachers, parents and students in the face of the situation of confinement that was experienced from the pandemic, which since March prevailed throughout the country. The experiences sought to recover were those related to the strategies implemented by teachers and managers in each of the schools of the province to implement a distance instruction; accompanying parents and students by schools in this new modality; the experience of charism in the educational mission in this situation, among others.

It was a very interesting sharing since July among the eight schools that are part of the province, as many similarities and some differences were found between ways of dealing with and perceiving the contingency around the educational act. For the recipients according to the level of education to which they belonged (maternal, preschool, primary, secondary and high school) a message was given by Fr. Marco Antonio Veliz Cortés Sch. P. that as a provincial motivated the encounter and dialogue in each of the conversations.

The secretariat finally drafted some of the following conclusions:

  1. Do not lose the humanism that leads to spirituality. Today more than ever the Binomial Piety and Letters must be assumed as a responsibility on the part of all the collaborators of the Pious Schools; not forgetting the accompanying processes for principals, teachers, students and parents.
  2. Respectful and empathetic communication through technology. Based on previous experience, make the appropriate adaptations for technology to help strengthen communication links without breaking the balance of working life and personal life.
  3. Concern about the affective bond. The ability to learn from the same students, in humility and simplicity, becoming learner and knowing how to get down; recognizing that right now everyone needs everyone.

Julio Carreón Rosas

Secretariat of Formal Education